What I’m Reading This Week on Race

Earlier this week, I posted a list of children’s books that I’ve been reading with Miles. But Mama likes to read stuff without pictures, too (when I can find the time). Of particular interest to me these days is — not surprisingly — the issue of race. I devour anything race-related that I can find and am always learning something that I can’t believe I didn’t already know.

If you’re the white parent of a child of color, it’s crucial that you learn as much as you can about race and racism, too. If you’re not, it’s still important to learn as much as you can because we’re all in this together, and some of us are having a much harder time out there than others.

What I’m reading this week on race:

10 Ways White People are More Racist Than They Realize  – Too many of us white people don’t realize what racism really is or how it impacts people of color–and it’s something we all need to understand.

In America, Black Children Don’t Get to be Children – This one makes me particularly sad as I’m discovering just how true this really is.

Fear of Black Men: How Society Sees Black Men and How They See Themselves – One day my son will be a Black man and this will be his truth.

Racial Health Disparities Start Early in Life  – I didn’t realize that there was such a thing as medical racism or that it extends beyond quality of care to include the fact that white doctors actually think Black people feel less pain than white people (seriously!).

A Black Man and a White Woman Switch Mics – This includes a thought-provoking video about both white and male privilege.

I’m Tired of Suppressing Myself to Get Along with White People – This is an interesting read written by a Black woman about how and why she doesn’t feel like she can be herself around most white people, with the exception being her “socially conscious white friends.” Let’s all strive to be like them, shall we?

I’m going to make this a regular series. If you’ve read something that you think I’d be interested in, please share it in the comments. Many thanks!





8 thoughts on “What I’m Reading This Week on Race

  1. Tracey

    Those all seem to be great books. Ones I am afraid would make me sad. I enjoyed and learned a lot from a class I took in college which was titled Black Authors. Richard Wright, Langston Hughes, Amari Baraka and of course Maya A. Gives one a different look into the struggles of being black in America.

  2. Emily Wright

    Thank you so much for your blog. My husband and I are in the process of researching adoption as a way to start our family. My husband is adopted and it has always felt like the right choice for us when we were ready to become parents. We have always imagined a transracial adoption, knowing there are many babies of African-American heritage out there that do need homes, however we have some concerns. We live in a rural area in Maine. We do not have the option to relocate, but are completely open to expanding our community and doing whatever we need to diversify our lives for our child. We want to make the best most informed choice for our future baby and I appreciate so much your writings and the resources you share. If you have any specific advice for us, we would welcome it. Thank you.

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