Life Lately

It’s been an exciting start to 2017. We recently moved into a new place and have been having a lot of fun exploring the neighborhood. We’re in the Pacific Northwest and of course it’s been raining… so we’ve been puddle jumping!img_7061

And finding all the good places to rest while we’re out on walks. The fluffy moss on this treed makes it especially nice for sitting.


We found a fantastic new barber just a couple of blocks away from our new place, so we went and got Miles a fresh line-up. He’s still not sure about the clippers being that close to his head, so we had to bribe him with Red Vines. That did the trick!


Miles was excited to travel to Tucson to visit family for Christmas. He’s such a good traveler. He loves watching the planes at the airport. He had a lot of fun when we got a surprise upgrade to First Class (!). Free movies, warm nuts, and a big, comfy chair! Traveling in style…


Though we were a little tired on the return flight when we got delayed for several hours at Sky Harbor International…


Before we left for Arizona, we went to see Santa here in Portland. Miles was too scared to sit on his lap, but was happy enough to sit next to him as long as I stayed close. I was thrilled to find an event with a Black Santa. There was only one in town, which I think is a shame, but at least there was one.


We’ve had several snow days lately – the most recent one being yesterday. It turned out to be mainly an ice storm, so we were pretty cooped up. But we found lots of fun ways to enjoy ourselves. We worked on puzzles…


And we did arts and crafts… and, no, we didn’t get out of our PJs much…


And then because it was so gray and cold, we went to the store and bought some pretty yellow flowers to brighten up the room.


Hope everyone has a great week!

2 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Maria

    Hi! So glad you’re back to blogging again! Our family was also formed by transracial adoption, and I love your posts! (I’m also jealous that you found a black santa, I looked everywhere in our area and wish there were more opportunities for kids to visit santa that looks like them!)

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