Trump’s first action as President confirms my fears as a mother of a Black son

Unlike many people I know, who understandably turned their backs on it, I watched Trump’s Inauguration this morning. I sat there with Miles and we watched it together. (Well, he sorta-kinda watched it while playing with his trains.) I felt the need to sit through it, though, to experience the excruciating reality of this new era we are embarking on because Miles cannot–my family and so many others cannot–escape the consequences of it.

At one point, Miles asked me who Donald Trump was. “Who that, Mommy?”

I cringed as I replied, “That’s our new President.”

“I want a present, too,” he said. He’s been obsessed with presents ever since Christmas.

“No, I said President. Not present. This man is definitely not a present.”

That was the sum total of our conversation because he’s only two and totally oblivious, but it saddened me that I was not watching the inauguration of a President I could be proud of and whom I knew had the best interests of my child, and all of our children, in mind.

Because I have absolutely no faith that President Trump will do anything positive for Miles at all. Within minutes of being sworn in, removed all mention of civil rights, LGBTQ rights, Climate Change, and any mention of Black people, minorities, or people of color. Totally wiped, and replaced with minimal content that expressed support for higher numbers of police, untrue statistics about crime rates in inner cities, and incredibly frustrating statements about how the Climate Act is bad for America. And, unbelievably, now features promotional statements about Melania’s jewelry line. Her freakin’ QVC jewelry line.

If nothing about this campaign and ensuing presidency has worried you, this should. Sure, it’s just a website but also a sign of what’s to come: Trump seems to want to erase all of the positive progress that we have made for racial justice, environmental science and conservation, and equality. And why not? None of those issues have ever been issues for him as a white, unscrupulous, over-privileged, greedy conman who’s cheated small business owners, blue collar workers, and hundreds of others out of money that he owed them.

I worry today for my son. I worry today for all children, for our planet, for our future. I do not for one moment think that Trump is going to deliver on any of the promises he made to people who believed him when he said he cared. I do, however, think that he will do his best to deliver on promises to further destroy our planet, further divide people along racial lines, and to create a police state where individual freedoms and diversity are not valued unless they somehow happen to be in line with his personal, political, or business interests.

I truly hope that I am wrong. Because it’s terrifying, really. Absolutely terrifying.


5 thoughts on “Trump’s first action as President confirms my fears as a mother of a Black son

  1. Adriana

    I share your fears. I am absolutely astounded by what’s happening. I will be marching tomorrow. I will continue to call senators and be involved in whatever I can to ensure that my voice is heard. We need to stand up for your son and for everyone else who doesn’t yet have a voice.

    1. Thank you for commenting, Adriana. I felt the love and compassion and strength of the Women’s March the day after I wrote this, and that has helped me feel a little bit better about this, as has calling my representatives and voicing my many concerns. We need to stay strong and stand together.

  2. Trisha

    I am managing these waters now with my 3 year old daughter. It’s going well with new questions everyday. She experienced a relative who was pregnant and saw the. Baby grows and now that she is here our daughter wants to k ow if she came from my tummy. I told her no which caused her some pause and she said then who’s tummy was I in. I told her your angel mommy. So we have asked about what she looks like and now her name and tonight she wanted to know where she lives. I answer questions as they come and that is the best thing to me. She is very smart and worries a lot. We talk all the time about her brown skin and my beige as well as my green eyes and her brown. She seems ok but we take it one day at a time. She is the light of my life. You too will find your way and he will love you no matter what.

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