The search for our baby is on!

AdoptionisnewpregnantWe are officially “active” adoptive-parents-to-be – our profile has been printed and shipped to the agency and is now being shown to prospective birthmothers who match our criteria! Now, when a birthmother is sure she wants to put her baby up for adoption (her and her family have gone through counseling and been vetted by the agency) she may get to see our little 12-page profile book (along with a stack of others).

I think the coolest thing about open adoption is that the birthmother chooses the adoptive family and isn’t matched up based on a wait list or something meaningless. And when someone chooses us, we get a chance to find out who she is, and the birth father too hopefully, and decide if the situation is right for our family. Hopefully sometime soon, the right birthmother will relate to something in our profile and will decide that we are the best family to raise her baby–and we will agree. They say the average time from now is six months for a match. Could be less. Could be more.

We’ll just have to wait and see!

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