Here in spirit: Charlie’s “first” Thanksgiving

mekidsWe had such a wonderful time visiting with family over Thanksgiving. It’s always special when we all get together and this year was even more so. For one, everyone knows we will be adopting some time this coming year, so it was fun to talk about Charlie. I also got to meet my beautiful new niece for the first time (that’s her on my lap) and spend time with my older nieces and nephews, who I adore. As a super special treat, my cousin Jennie and her husband stopped by with their sweet, adorable daughter, who they adopted as an infant almost five years ago from the same agency we are using.

Jennie and Eric’s daughter, I’ll call her “D” (in case they’d rather me not use her name) was so sweet and I’m so glad we got the opportunity to spend time with them all. They even brought me a few gifts for Charlie. D was a little shy at first (a lot of new faces) but then she read me a couple of the books they brought, On the Day You Were Born and On the Night You Were Born. It was so touching when she went through photo-15the book and pointed to and named her mom and dad and then her birthmother and her birthmother’s husband. She didn’t seem confused about the situation at all–it was clear she knew she grew in her birthmother’s tummy because her momny’s tummy was broken. But that she had grown in her mommy’s heart all along.

Jennie also brought D’s adoption day story books with them to show me and it gave me some great ideas about things to create for Charlie when the time comes. I think it’s so important that D has those books and you can tell they’ve been read a thousand times. I’ll definitely do something like this and it’s a good reminder to be sure to have someone get precious photos of our adoption day when it comes and to write in a journal (or this blog) about the experience.

They brought me other sweet gifts, too, like a swaddling blanket, (got to learn how to use that!) an adorable Mother Earth onesie, some early toys, a beautiful wrap carrier, a cute apple hat that my great aunt made, and other books about baby behavior and communication, sign language and a funny one about motherhood. photo-16But the best gift of all was just to see them and to meet D and to spend a little time with her happy family. It was heartwarming to see their relationships up close and to see that their family is exactly like any other family created in any other way. Of course it is–I already knew that–but it made me very happy to see and be with them. It was reassuring and comforting somehow. I’m so happy they visited with us.

A few days later, Jennie told me in a comment here that D had asked if Charlie’s “tummy mommy” had found us yet and that she soon would. Awww. I love that Charlie has such a sweet little cousin who he or she will be able to relate to in regards to adoption and who is already looking out for him or her. I hope these two will be able to know each other when Charlie arrives. Fills my heart to the brim.

Since we were all together for Thanksgiving but wouldn’t be at Christmas, my mom and stepdad Momxmascardoption2gave the grandkids their Christmas presents so they could be there when the kids opened them. Who doesn’t love an early Christmas? The kids had a great time and we had a blast watching them squeal in delight as they opened their gifts by the fireplace.

To my surprise there was a little gift for Charlie on the fireplace, too… which we opened for him. The softest, sweetest little white lamb. The kind you stretch out and it plays a little lullaby as it curls back in. There’s just something about that song that makes you want to curl up and take a nap. Even adults aren’t immune to it. It’s sooo relaxing–everyone wanted to take a photo-14nap with “Lamby.”

I am so fortunate to have such a loving family and I can’t wait to welcome Charlie into it. Even though he isn’t with us yet,  it was so touching that he or she is already being thought of and was so loved this Thanksgiving.

You are here in spirit, Charlie. You are already in our hearts.

6 thoughts on “Here in spirit: Charlie’s “first” Thanksgiving

  1. tsherm59

    I love this post and the pictures. J&E are doing a great job with D. She sounds so sweet. I pray for Charlie’s tummy mommy every night to find you and Jamie!! We love you!

  2. I love it when I read something and it moves me so much I sob. I love it even more when my family is part of the message. We love being apart of your story and watching this exciting time. I love even more that again D has an example to point to that adoption is apart of the norm and not the exception. Use Dana all you like we gave her that name because it means selfless gift – something her birthmother did for us and we happily share our little selfless gift with the world. We are so happy for you… there are hundreds of family and friends in your corner waiting for Charlie to arrive. All our love to you. Macfat = Cousin Jennie

  3. Jackie

    What a beautiful post! My oldest was born on Mother’s Day, and he loves the story of how my husband was called first by the adoption attorney, and when my husband called me all he said was “Happy Mother’s Day!” and that was how I knew I was becoming a mom. My family was very excited about our additions, too, (we have three through domestic adoption) and they are adored by both sides of the family.

    Good luck on your adoption journey! Keep faith, it is a bumpy ride but worth every minute!

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