Reality Check: Cannot do it all

RealityOh, Reality. Sometimes you are just no fun at all.

Last week, we discovered we will be getting a tax bill this year instead of a refund. That’s never good news. But it also made us realize that there’s no way we will comfortably have a down payment for a house this year with everything else that’s going on. So, we’ve decided to officially put our house search on hold until after the adoption.

We had a good laugh at ourselves because we actually thought we could do all of this–buy a house AND adopt a baby–in the same year. Only the two biggest expenses of our entire lives! Who do we think we are? The Rockefellers?

I don’t know, I guess I thought we had to have the forever house before we had the forever baby. And since I work from home, I was hoping to have more space. Or maybe I was hoping there was one major thing in our lives that we could have control over. Some action we could take.

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