Reality Check: Cannot do it all

RealityOh, Reality. Sometimes you are just no fun at all.

Last week, we discovered we will be getting a tax bill this year instead of a refund. That’s never good news. But it also made us realize that there’s no way we will comfortably have a down payment for a house this year with everything else that’s going on. So, we’ve decided to officially put our house search on hold until after the adoption.

We had a good laugh at ourselves because we actually thought we could do all of this–buy a house AND adopt a baby–in the same year. Only the two biggest expenses of our entire lives! Who do we think we are? The Rockefellers?

I don’t know, I guess I thought we had to have the forever house before we had the forever baby. And since I work from home, I was hoping to have more space. Or maybe I was hoping there was one major thing in our lives that we could have control over. Some action we could take.

journeyI think it’s normal to want to have everything “figured out” before the baby gets here. But as I have learned over and again this year, life is best when you accept reality and make the best of it. I’ve also learned that when you do that, you become instantly happier and more satisfied. Even though I really wanted to have a bigger house, with a dedicated guest room and a larger living area, I don’t need that. And even though I wanted to be closer to a park, the baby won’t be playing at the park for quite some time. We have everything we need, and more. We are so fortunate to have what we have and to be happy, healthy and expecting. We can get a bigger place near a park later when it won’t put a crazy amount of stress on us.

photo-38House-hunting gave me something to obsess about in my spare time, though, instead of wondering when we will get the adoption call. I will certainly miss that distraction–I really like looking at real estate. But now I can spend time organizing our house to maximize the space we do have and start to get the nursery ready. As Jamie, said, “People have babies in a lot smaller places than this.”

He’s right, of course–we are totally fine here. Smaller houses are actually quite trendy right now. This couple just made a documentary about their lives in a 400-square foot house. Ours is three times that big, so we’ve got tons of space comparatively. I just need to get organized, and maybe make a few donations to Goodwill.

The room for the nursery in this house is actually the perfect size. It’s upstairs, right next to ours, which will be great. And it just looks like a nursery. It’s too small to be a normal bedroom, and the recliner is going to have to go, but it’s the perfect size for a crib, dresser/changer, glider and bookshelf. And it has a good-sized closet. It’s painted a nice, neutral mustard color that we can definitely work with. Maybe I’ll paint that bookshelf grass green. Get some cute curtains (or curtain, that’s a tiny dormer window). The more I look at this room, the cuter I think it will be.

photo-39I had the day off yesterday and went to check out Kid-to-Kid, the baby consignment store in town. That place is great–they had way more than I thought they would. Of note was a Kelty baby backpack for Jamie to wear hiking when Charlie gets a little older. For now, though, I just bought a couple books. Oh, and some adorable baby clothes hangers that I can’t wait to put little tiny baby clothes on. Is it weird that I am melting over how cute baby hangers are?? Sooo small.

If you have any creative organizing tips, for the nursery or the rest of the house, please leave me a comment below… this is not my strong suit.

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