Monthly agency update – 8 is great?

adoption searchNow that we are officially active and waiting to be chosen by a birthmother, we will receive monthly updates telling us how many prospective birthmothers were presented with our profile. We got our first one yesterday. We had no idea what to expect, but over the past month our profile was presented to eight birthmothers. I’m not sure if that’s a good number or not. When I see all of the waiting families on the website, eight birthmothers does not seem like very many. And I’m sure our profile was just one of many sent to these eight women.

Of the eight birthmothers we were presented to, three chose another couple and have been matched, two women fell of the radar, one “screened out” of the process (which I’m assuming means our agency discovered something that made her ineligible), one is in the process of matching with another couple, and three have not chosen a family yet. So, I guess we are still in the running with those three women. And if November is anything like October, we will be shown to a new birthmother every few days this month, too.

I’m not going to lie–we were anxiously awaiting the update and knew that we had not been chosen yet, but it was a little disappointing anyway. Just a little bit… kind of felt like not being picked for the A team in gym class or something.

patienceWe have to keep in mind that our profile is not being shown to every birthmother in the program and only to birthmothers who match our criteria. And we are only shown to birthmothers who are looking for a family like ours. I’m not exactly sure how that works, but I imagine birthmothers can specify certain attributes like age, religious/non-religious, pets/no pets, live in a certain area, etc. and then they are only shown profiles of adoptive parents that match those preferences.

Jamie and I are getting more and more eager every day for some baby news, but we know the right birthmother and baby will find us when the time is right.

All we need is just a little patience…

2 thoughts on “Monthly agency update – 8 is great?

  1. Ok don’t get discouraged! Eight is great! Knowing who opted out is great! Having someone not choose is great! After all our birthmother picked us right away and then didn’t tell anyone (including the agency) until she was in active labor. They had put her in the abandoned birthmother file cause she never contacted them back until she was in labor. And make sure they put you on the website! We did the middle amount of birthmother expenses and she didn’t want anything (in the end we insisted on paying for lost wages for birth, the hospital deductible, and follow-up counseling). It was just a good fit for her – she liked us wearing our football jersey’s in the pictures, we were right for her. Remember she didn’t want to deal with being pregnant let alone deal with prospective parents. You may have been chosen and don’t known it. Our highest number ever presented was 6. We were chosen twice. Once by a woman who didn’t meet our criteria (chosen off the website) and the second time by a woman who delivered three months later. You might have been chosen. Keep answering the phone and know that your baby is waiting for you. Eight is great! Eric and I were talking about it last night and we actually don’t know anyone who has waited more then six months for match. So unless you asked for a blonde hair blue eyed girl with a birth-parental IQ over 120, you are five months down and it’s time to register for baby stuff. Your baby is coming! I’m so confident I just pulled a few hand-me-downs out of Dana’s baby stuff. I hope you will love it. Now go buy a coming home from the hospital outfit!
    Remember MacFat = Cousin Jennie

    1. Ahhh – Thanks Jennie! I didn’t know if 8 was good or not, but I guess it is. That makes me feel better! I wonder how many profiles they send to one birthmother? I’m picturing this huge binder with hundreds and hundreds of profiles, haha. Maybe it’s not quite as many as my active imagination is conjuring up…

      Thank you in advance for the hand-me-downs!!! I guess it is time to go shopping! 🙂

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