Adoption runs in the family: my cousin’s happy adoption story

My cousin Jennie and her husband Eric adopted their adorable daughter through the same adoption agency we chose. Jennie has been a huge support and amazing resource and has given me so much confidence in the process. (Thank you, Jennie!)

Our agency’s website features this video of them telling the story of their adoption day and the days leading up to it. They enjoy a very successful open adoption and their relationship with their daughter and her birth family is inspirational… as is the story of how the adoption came to be.

Looking forward to so much: the day we get “the call” about a match, they day our baby is born and the day Jamie and I have our own adoption story to share. And I feel fortunate that adoption now runs in our family and that our child will have a relative who was also adopted. That’s pretty special!

5 thoughts on “Adoption runs in the family: my cousin’s happy adoption story

  1. Your “agency” isn’t an agency. It’s a facilitator. They call themselves a “law center”, so maybe that’s how they get around the fact that most states do not allow adoptive parents to use facilitators. But they’re not a licensed agency. I’m not saying that’s necessarily bad, but there are many differences between using an agency and using a facilitator. Even in California, where they’re located, there are different revocation periods for independent adoptions vs. agency adoptions. An adoption with a facilitator or an attorney is an independent adoption.
    They should have explained this to you.
    In any case, good luck on your adoption journey!

    1. You’re absolutely right, Robyn – they are not an agency. They did explain that to me and that ours will be an independent adoption. I should correct this post to avoid confusion.
      Thanks for commenting!

      1. That’s good! We used a facilitator that passed itself off as an agency, and, being the newbies that we were, we didn’t know the difference. It wasn’t until we were in another state trying to get through ICPC that they explained they weren’t an agency at all. I was a little worried that maybe the place you’re using was pulling that stunt as well, and I wouldn’t want anyone to go through that.
        Good luck on your adoption journey!

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