Three Months In: 3rd monthly agency update

3monthsWell, it’s official–we are halfway through the average six-month wait time to be matched. We’ve been presented to birthmothers for a full three months now. The time is actually flying by and this month I wasn’t sitting around, tapping my fingers, waiting for our update like I was last month. I was actually surprised to see it in my inbox.

Here are the stats: we were presented to 11 birthmothers in December. (This number keeps going up so I guess our odds are getting better.) One or two of the women fell off the radar and three chose other couples. Six of the birthmothers we were presented to have not yet chosen adoptive families. So, I guess there’s still a possibility that one of those women will pick us. Who knows! Our caseworker says birthmothers typically pick families within 7 – 10 days but some don’t choose until much later.  Some even wait until they are about to deliver, or have delivered. Wouldn’t that be exciting!

If we were tracking our adoption timeline as if it was a pregnancy, we would officially be through the first trimester now. Without a touch of morning sickness, I might add.

We keep hoping for the call, but we have a lot going on right now and are content knowing that Charlie will find us when the time is right. I’ve been flexing my patience muscles a lot lately–good training for motherhood.

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