A little break… and some house news

photo-54I took a little break from writing the blog, and thinking about our adoption, while I was in San Francisco for work last week. It felt good to be distracted and busy and, even though I was working, it ended up feeling quite a bit like a vacation. It was like a little reprieve from reality and the stress I was beginning to feel from the wait for a match. I feel refreshed now and re-energized, better equipped to handle the wait and ready for whatever is coming, whenever it comes.

photo-53It also helps that we have some great news. If you’ve been reading the blog, you know we were looking for a house to buy and then stopped looking for a house to buy. Well, wouldn’t you know it–after we decided to stop looking, we found our house! And it’s the perfect house for us. My mom kept saying that the right house would find us, and it actually did. It is such a happy house, with lots of natural light, big beautiful windows, and spectacular mountain views. It just feels good to be in it. It feels like home.


photo-50It needs a little work–paint, appliances, closets, countertops–so we are going to wrap a light remodel in to our mortgage. It seems like the owner bought the land and built the house well but ran out of money before it was finished. The house itself doesn’t have much curb appeal, but it’s situated perfectly on the property to take advantage of the views and sunset, has a beautiful back porch, and the property is outstanding. Landscaping will make a huge difference.

We had our home inspection last night and all major systems and the structure are in great shape. No big issues, other than some strange decisions in layout. So, we’re going to rearrange it a bit and put some new finishes on it–make it our own. It’s so funny how things work out. This is exactly what we have been dreaming about. I keep pinching myself.

IMG_6488It’s on two and half acres and has access to mile and miles of hiking and biking trails, a lake, creeks–and there is a horse farm right next door. If you know me, you know I rode my first horse at age two and have been in love ever since. Living next to a horse farm is pretty much my idea of heaven. I’ve already connected with the owner of the farm and she said I could board a horse there (probably when the baby is a bit older). Next door!

photo-51The house is only a few short miles outside of town, in an area where a lot of young families move to have a little more space and a lot more garden. Owning a home in the countryside like this with some land is one of the major reasons we moved to Charlottesville. We would not have been able to afford a place like this in Denver, Seattle, or San Francisco. It makes me so happy to know that our child will grow up with woods to play in, horses to ride if he/she wants, plenty of cool spots to build a fort, streams to splash in, and nature everywhere, right out the back door.

It reminds me so much of where I grew up. I am forever grateful for my early childhood–I was so blessed to grow up in a small town with acres of woods to explore behind my house and my grandparent’s horse farm to enjoy. That experience shaped me in so many ways–my love of the outdoors, my connection to nature, my love for animals, and my addiction to hiking. Those things are important to Jamie and I and now we are going to be able to give those gifts to our children, too.

photo-52I can’t stop smiling about this house–I kind of can’t believe it is actually happening. We will be closing in early May, will start the remodel right away, and move in June 1 if all goes according to plan. With all of this going on now, it feels like things are falling into place and that the timing of everything–the house, not being chosen for a match yet–is just as it should be.

It’s been hard at times for me to remember that things really do happen in due time. I’ve been wanting everything to happen now, now, now. But when I relax and stop wanting to force or rush things, that’s when the magic happens.


8 thoughts on “A little break… and some house news

  1. What awesome news! I’m so happy for you guys! Everything sounds like it is starting to fall into place, before long you’ll have your sweet baby to enjoy everything with! Best of luck with closing and moving! Will you move in right away, or do your remodel first?

    1. Thanks, Jen! We are excited. Hoping to close early May and start remodeling right away. We’ll probably move in amidst the construction June 1 but hopefully we will have the kitchen, bathroom and at least one bedroom done by that time. At least that is the plan. It feels so good to have movement on one of the major things we’ve been waiting on!

      1. Sounds like a plan! Remodeling (if you’re doing it yourself) will be yet another test of your marriage, lol….at least it was for ours! Can’t wait to see more pictures.

      2. Yeah, we are actually doing an FHA 203k loan so that we can do the remodel but (thankfully) one stipulation is that you have to hire a general contractor. So, we will probably help paint and do small stuff, pick all the colors and tile and countertops but we won’t be doing the actual work. Which I am 100% fine with. I wish we were that handy, but we know our limits!

      3. Oh good, a general contractor will be very helpful! How exciting!! It’s so fun getting to choose all of the finishes!

  2. daisyrhonda

    What a gorgeous property! What a blessing! We are house-shopping right now and it’s not looking very hopeful currently…hopefully something wonderful will come up for us, too 🙂

    1. Thank you! We are hoping all goes well with the closing and remodel. We got very frustrated with our search and then decided not to buy a house. And then this house came on the market and it was so great in so many ways.That will happen for you too!!

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