Guest Post on America Adopts!

Image 2-14-14 at 9.07 AMA couple weeks ago, the editor of the America Adopts! blog reached out to me and asked if I would write a guest post for them. I was surprised and honored to be asked (it’s the first time I’ve been asked to write a guest post about adoption).

America Adopts! is a great resource that connects birthparents considering adoption with hopeful adoptive parents and their blog features insightful posts on various adoption issues and guest posts from birth parents, adoptive parents, and hopeful adoptive parents. Run by adoptive parents who met their son’s birthparents online, the website is devoted to helping others do the same.

Lawrence, co-founder and editor of America Adopts!, left it up to me to decide what to write about. I had a bunch of ideas but ended up writing about something I’ve come to believe: that I was born to adopt. I really think that some of us are meant to be adoptive mothers (or fathers). It’s not just something I tell myself to feel good. Adoption makes sense to me for so many reasons, and ever since we made this decision and started walking this path, I have felt like this is absolutely the way it was meant to be for me.

If you’re interested in my guest post, you can read it here. Check out the rest of the America Adopts! blog too while your’e there. It’s a great place to gain some insight and information if you are considering adoption.

Thanks to Lawrence at America Adopts! for the opportunity.

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